How to Tell Your Steak is Cooked Properly

How to Tell Your Steak is Cooked Properly

In the professional kitchen the ability to know how well a steak has been cooked is usually done by touch.  An experienced cook can tell by gently pressing on a steak with his tongs or finger to determine the state the steak is in.

Every one is equipped with doneness template.  It’s your hand.  By making a very relaxed fist you have at the bulge just above the thumb the place where you have the comparison, see the arrow in photo.



area above the thumb
area above the thumb







In a very relaxed state this area when pressed will reflect the feeling a raw or very rare steak would feel like. There is a great amount of give when pressed.

By “lightly” squeezing the fist you will have the equivalent of a medium rare steak.  The give is less in this state and it bounces back more quickly.  A fairly tight grip on the fist will be the same as a medium steak and a very hard squeeze will be a medium well done steak.

Next time your cooking a steak take a feel and see when you cut into the steak how it’s done, it won’t take long to get the feel and it is a skill, like riding a bike, you won’t forget how to do.


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