Decadent Stuffed French Toast

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Stuffed French Toast







Decadent Stuffed French Toast

This Decadent Stuffed French Toast is so simple to prepare and makes a great brunch or breakfast dish.  I have seen a lot of recipes on the net using strawberries, I’m not a fan of them or strawberry jam.  I prefer Raspberry red or black.  Secondly although for presentation a light dusting of XXX sugar is nice, I really don’ t like the added sweetness, I prefer just  maple syrup.

Again although I don’t like to endorse products, I have been disappointed in store brand cream cheeses.  I stick with a winner, Philadelphia brand original (not whipped).

The following recipe is for 4 persons, you may need to adjust the eggs and milk for more or less persons being served.  You just need enough batter to soak all the bread on both sides before cooking.

Ingredients for Stuffed French Toast

  1. 2 slices of bread per person
  2. Softened Cream Cheese
  3. Jam or preserves of your choice 
  4. 3 eggs well beaten with
  5. ¼-½ cup of milk or ½&½ and
  6. ½ tsp vanilla
  7. 1-2 Tbs butter 
  8. Maple syrup (optional)
  9. powdered sugar (optional)
  10. Fresh fruit to match the jam (optional)
Directions for Decadent Stuffed French Toast

Prior to making take the cream cheese out of refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature, this will make spreading easier.

In a bowl that is large enough to allow the bread to lay flat, place the eggs, milk and vanilla and whisk briskly until fully combined.

Place the butter into a large saute pan and bring up to medium heat.

On one slice of bread spread the cream cheese to the edges, and on the other spread a generous portion of jam leaving about a ¼” border from the edge of the bread.  Place the two slices of bread together and gently press the edges to “seal” bread.  Optionally you can spread cream cheese on both pieces of bread and spread the jam on one side leaving a border around the edges and then seal by pressing together.

Place the bread into the egg mixture allowing each side to soak up the egg and then place immediately into the saute pan and cook until golden brown on both sides and the cheese is melted .

Plate and sprinkle lightly with powdered sugar (optional).

Serve with your favorite brunch or breakfast meat and potatoes and syrup on the side.


here are a few items to help make this recipe:  -Large saute pan  -spatula


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