Kitchen Impossible & Kitchen Nightmares

For the last few weeks I have been searching through the vast abyss of TV land and watched a few episodes of  two shows, Kitchen Impossible and Kitchen Nightmares,  Both shows only reinforce my feeling that to go out to eat is to take your life in your hands.  For any TV producers out there I’d like to suggest a new show I would be happy to host, titled “Where the Hell is the Health Department.”

My grandfather ended a very long career in food service as a private health inspector for the F.W. Woolworth Co. and I can tell you he was thorough and dedicated and that most of the businesses that appear on these two shows would  have been closed long before these celebrity chefs showed up to redo the restaurant.

When I first moved south I entertained thoughts of going back into the food service industry and I searched a few positions that were available at the time.  Most didn’t pay anywhere near enough, but a couple came close until I saw their kitchens.  I knew at that instant that I was certain of two things. One I couldn’t possibly work there and two my family would never eat there.  The one was run by a couple of fairly egotistical gentlemen who thought that everyone should be impressed that had previously worked for a large grocery store chain.   From the look of the kitchen I could only assume that they were accountants and never had anything to do directly with the food part of the business.

So for all you brave souls out there “Bon Appetit”.



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