# March for our lives










I rarely rant on this site but with two granddaughters in high school and a 2½ year old grandson I cannot be silent any longer.  If I offend anyone with my blog so be it!

I will no longer add links to Amazon on my site, Jeff Bezos by allowing the airing of NRA TV on the prime site is tacitly supporting the NRA, and until he removes the channel I will exercise my right to boycott Amazon.

I have canceled my prime membership and I will “NEVER” buy anything from their site again.

Searching on Twitter I was appalled by the rhetoric of hate by NRA spokespersons against the students and organizer of the march.   That kind of hate speech, although protected by the Constitution, has no place in a free society.

I am not a gun hater, I feel legitimate hunters and sportsman do have a right to their guns, but not semi automatic AR-15’s , large capacity magazines automatic large capacity handguns.

Make these types of weapons illegal, make the punishment for their use in the commission of a crime severe.  Take away people’s ability to easily buy these types of weapons and it will be a start to insuring my grandson can safely graduate from college.


So Mr. Bezos – GOOD-BYE!

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